VidFall Partner Highlight: Gemr

Gemr is a community for those who collect, and are passionate about their items. Gemr is free to join and once you are logged on you are able to buy, sell, trade, and showcase your collection on your profile.

On Gemr there is no limit to how much you can show. Varieties range from comic books to action figures, and antiques to new age items.

Through Gemr you can find out the history behind items and what their worth is, or you can simply share the stories behind your own items.

There are endless benefits to being involved on Gemr. The community within the website is helpful and interactive. There are clubs you can join that allow you to connect with like-minded people. Have valuable conversations with those who share similar interests, and share your experiences in a setting where you can rely on the information you are receiving.You can also follow museums through the platform and explore what they have to offer and showcase. It’s almost like visiting the location yourself, but from the comfort of your home!

Gemr is a very interactive platform with multiple channels to choose from. Through Gemr you are able to search through categories such as items, what others are searching for, whats for sale, other users collections, and helping users identify their items. You can communicate through comments and chats about items you are looking for, making deals with other users, or simply help other who are looking for information on their items.

If you are a user with Gemr already, please comment below with your username so we can connect with you!

If you have not already made an account, use this link and get started!

We are so glad to be partnered with Gemr and look forward to what the future holds for us!




VidFall Team

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