PHL Collective Company Highlight

VidFall community, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our favorite new companies on VidFall: PHL Collective. Founded in November of 2013 by Nick Madonna, PHL Collective is an indie game studio based in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.  Around ten years ago Nick and Co. started making games for much larger companies, but eventually knew they wanted to start their own company. Even though the company is only in its second year, they have already had some awesome deals, even one with Cartoon Network. The company has a fun vibe to it that makes working feel like playing. They actually play Super Smash Bros every day, and it can turn into quite the competition. The entire team of seven are graduates from Philadelphia University. One day they actually all took a day trip to Toronto in an RV! With the fun times at work and their obsession with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, work is never a tough time to get through.

Nick’s passion for video games lead to this awesome company and we are so excited about it. Their most popular product is ClusterPuck 99. It is an eight payer local multiplayer game for Xbox One and Steam. Besides being on our site, it has gotten a lot of recognition and won a lot of awards. Plus it lets them travel all over the US and

Why We Love My Little Pony

1) They’re adorable.  And not just cute, they are the fluffiest and most irresistible thing you will ever see.  Apparently this applies to everyone, male or female, age newborn and up.

2) Since their start in 1983 they have only grown more popular.  Just like a good cheese, My Little Pony has only gotten better since their origin.

3) They have their own TV show.  Who doesn’t want their own show?

4) They teach us learning experiences.  This more makes them more lovable for parents with young children, but everyone has more to learn.

5) Their hair is goals.  I would do anything for those long, luscious locks.My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-256752_1280_1024

Matt Mahler

Matt is our newest VidFaller of the week. He discovered us via Facebook after seeing an ad for a Funko POP! crowd deal. He is an avid fan of collectibles, Funko POP! in specific. He would like to see some sixth-scale collectibles, LEGOs, or anything that is related to popular TV shows, movies, etc. AS far a videos goes he would love to see more product reviews. To the new VIdFallers, he says sign up for express checkout to make sure you can snag your deal as fast as possible. Also, be patient, but as soon as you see a price you like grab the item. It can be difficult to find a happy medium so buy as soon as you can. Look around the site, as well. Get a feel for how things work so you are all ready to go when something you really want shows up. His best deals were both Funko POP! figures, a Bank Robber Joker form Dark Knight and the Iron Man Mark 42 from Iron Man 3. He is always excited for crowd deals and hopes to get some more big

Broken Window Studios

Broken Window Studios is our newest partnership. Co-founded by husband and wife Tristan Parrish Moore and Abigail Moore. They are nearly a year and a half old, formed officially in March 2014. We came into contact with them after speaking with Ben Reichert, and we are so glad we did. Both Tristan and Abigail worked with games professionally for a few years and eventually grew a strong desire to build their own game. In March 2014 they decided to dive in head first with a Kickstarter for Grave, an open world horror game where your only tool for survival is light. This net them over $37,000 which allowed them to start Broken Window Studios officially. Their most popular product is Reflections, which is currently available on Steam Early Access. It actually began as a prototype in 2012 while Tristan was graduating from college. Grave was originally a Global Game Jam 2013 entry called Cimmerian Shade. After several complete redesigns it was named Grave in 2013, but not before it was called Stygian Shade at one point in time. Tristan is credited in WWE ’13 and the upcoming Afro Samurai 2.reflections-5-1024x576

Cody Fanning

532313_497164416975810_832180389_nCody Fanning is one of our VidFaller’s of the week. Like many other VidFaller’s he found us via Reddit in search for Amiibo. Cody would love to see more gift cards. Food and or restaurants, in specific. He would also love to see more technology, perhaps a laptop or a GoPro. As for the new users, Cody tells them to be patient and let the price drop. The best deal he ever got was a $25 Applebee’s gift card for $14.95.

10 Ways to Know You’re an amiibo Hunter

  1. You know every website that sells amiibo.  Whether past, present, or future, if amiibo have ever been or will ever be on the site, you know about it.
  2. You refuse to pay more than 10% off retail price.  Paying full price for an amiibo is unheard of to you.
  3. But you are more than willing to spend your whole paycheck on amiibo.  You may not ever pay full price for them, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend your money on other things, like food or clothes.  Who even pays rent anymore anyways?
  4. Your house is full of amiibo.  You barely have room to sleep on the couch, because you don’t have room for a bed or the money for one (refer to number three), and cooking is impossible because even your stove is covered with them, but it is worth it because they’re Amiibo and they take priority over everything.
  5. Your dog is named after your favorite amiibo.  Even your kids will be named after your favorite ones.
  6. You have been to every single crowd deal on VidFall.  The employees know you by name because you have bought more amiibo on their website than anyone ever has.
  7. You can spell every amiibo name.  Even the hard ones like King Dedede and Palutena.
  8. You can’t afford to wash your laundry, but you can always buy more amiibo.  Seriously your clothes all smell like you ran a marathon in them, but you can’t afford to wash them because you need to save all of your money on amiibo.
  9. Spare change in your couch is unheard of.  The good old couch change everyone relies on to buy their coffee has already been found and used to pay for more amiibo.
  10. amiibo.  They are the only thing you know.  Even when you are at work you are thinking of amiibo.figblackmensffffff11

Josue Ponce

unnamedJosue Ponce is our VidFaller of the Week. He runs He found us while looking for Amiibo on Reddit. Josue would love to see cameras on For the videos, he would love to see more interaction with the community, like a livestream where VidFall takes requests from its member as to which items will be sold during the crowd deals and put in the queue. Josue tells both all and new VidFall members to never panic. He says if there is anything wrong, customer support will handle it. Thank you Josue, we pride our self on our customer support. He also says to set up express check out. Josue also think that Rewards Points can be very helpful, both to lower points and for putting them into the monthly giveaways. The best deal he ever got was a Pikachu amiibo for $7.26, but he saw a Zelda amiibo for $4.00.