Introducing Trending: The Latest Trending Videos Created & Curated by the VidFall Community

VidFall Trending Feature

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new feature on VidFall called Trending. On Trending, our thousands of daily members will now be able to find the latest trending videos from the gaming, tech, and movies spaces, all created and curated by the VidFall community.

But before I go into more detail, I want to take a moment to thank you.

Over the past six months, our community has grown by 800% into a powerful force that generates authentic excitement for real-time, online events. Together, we’ve held engaging events for product launches, video game releases, popular collectables, and many more.

During these six months, VidFall has been changing. This past April, while VidFallers were engaging in our first-ever live event for the release of Apple Watch, the VidFall team was working on a bigger vision. This was a vision becoming the premier place for video content and creating a valuable video experience for all the players in the video space.

These players are the creators of those videos, the curators of those videos, and the watchers of those videos.

These three players are vital to our Trending feature, and are at the core of VidFall’s mission. The Internet deserves a better place to rally around video content of all kinds, and because of you, we’re well on our way to building this place. So thank you!

Now on to Trending:

Trending itself is pretty simple:

  • First, it’s a place for video creators to post their latest video creations and grow their audiences.
  • Second, it’s a place for video curators to prove how “in the know” they are regarding new game or movie trailers, and other fresh, popular video content.
  • And third, it’s a place for our video watchers to stay up to date on the freshest trending videos and find/follow new creators and curators they especially enjoy.

All VidFall members have the ability to Up Vote videos posted by creators and curators, and comment on the videos. Creators and Curators are invited into the community by existing members. For more information on becoming a VidFall creator or curator, check out our FAQ.

Along with this, you’ll also have the ability to “follow” specific creators and curators, so you’ll be notified when they post a new video to Trending, or when a creator hosts a Live Event.

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Speaking of Live, you’ll also notice that, in addition to Trending, the real-time events that you already know and love are now under what’s called “Live”. Our Live section is undergoing big improvements as well, and we’re excited to share more information on that very soon.

As for some other things coming soon… Can you say…. mobile? :)

If you have any questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me personally – Steve at

In the meantime, keep Fallin’!

Steve Messa
COO, VidFall

Steve Messa

Steve Messa co-founded to change the way consumers engage with advertising. Gone are the days of disruptive ads - Live Events that create meaningful engagement are the future!