Clint Crockett

Clint Crockett is out newest VidFaller of the week. He discovered us on Twitter. He would love to see more videos for entertainment. He loves the movie trailers, and would love to see more, maybe even clips form popular TV shows. His advice for new VidFallers is to always get the daily bonus. There is no reason to not watch 10 videos and pass up on increasing “my rewards” if it means adding to your daily streak. Also, before bidding on something look into what past users have paid for the item. It will give you a better reference of when to buy. Also don’t cash in your rewards during crowd deals, you usually just end up losing them. Lastly, if there is a chat available for the channel or the crowd deal speak up! There is some fun trivia and always great conversation. His best deal used to be getting four Amiiboxes for a dollar each, but on the night of the 12th he got a $13.95 Grandbury Gift code for $0.51!


VidFall Team

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  • Clint Crockett

    Damn, he is a good looking young man!… and has spent a ton on Vidfall since 😉