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Norman from NH is first to earn 1 Million VF Rewards Points!

1 Million VF Rewards Points

Joel (VidFall CEO) and Norman celebrate the 1 million reward milestone by eating a special VF Rewards cupcake!

This past Thursday evening, Joel Robinson (VidFall CEO) and I visited Norman of NH to congratulate him on his great accomplishment – being the first VidFall shopper to earn 1 million VF Rewards Points!

More importantly, we surprised him with a box of special VidFall Rewards cupcakes, complete with a VF Reward coin on top (graciously provided by Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester NH). Needless to say, Norman (and especially his great grandchildren) were very excited about this!

A closer look at the VF Rewards cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

A closer look at the VF Rewards cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

Norman was nice enough to share a cupcake with both Joel and I, likely because he’s gotten a number of great deals on VidFall. Many of these deals are from the NH Channel (which features products and gift cards from New Hampshire area businesses), but also from other channels like Fitness & Fashion.

When asked about the VidFall deal he won on a Fitbit, Norman responded “I checked the prices on all the usual retail sites and I saw the deal was going for over $20 off what Amazon had it for,” said Norman. “If you can beat Amazon, then I know it’s the best deal out there!”

Thank you for the feedback Norman, and thank you for being a great VidFall deal hunter!

Good luck on winning your next big Crowd Deal!

Earn VF Rewards while you sleep by Recruiting Friends!

VidFall is excited to announce a new “Recruit Friends” feature that allows you to earn VF Rewards all the time – even when you sleep – based on the engagement of your recruits!

This means that you’ll now earn VF Rewards whenever your recruit earns rewards by watching videos, making their first purchase, doing the Daily Bonus or taking a survey.

Here’s everything you need to know about recruiting your friends.

How do I recruit friends?

To recruit your friends, use our recruiting tool located on the Recruit Friends tab on your Rewards page.


You can recruit friends by entering their email and sending our pre-written message, or you can invite them by Facebook using our Invite with Facebook tool. Both tools will include your unique referral URL to make sure you get credit for the recruit.

How do I earn rewards?

You you recruit friends, you’ll earn rewards each time that friend watches a video on VidFall, when they get their 1st purchase bonus, when they complete their Daily Bonus, and when they take one (or more) of our surveys. To begin, you’ll always earn 1% of your recruits’ earnings, but this percentage will increase each day in a row you complete the Daily Bonus.

How do I maximize my earnings?

To maximize your rewards earnings, it is essential to complete the Daily Bonus every day.

You’ll earn an additional percentage point from your recruits each day you do this (this is your Streak Number), but this will go back to 1% if you skip a day. Currently, the Daily Bonus is very simple, but we have plans to work closely with brands to create fun and interesting engagements in the Daily Bonus in the near future.

Happy recruiting!

Please Stand By… Preparing for Launch!

VidFall 2.0 Launch

Hello VidFall Community!

Please give us an hour or so as we deploy VidFall 2.0. We have tons of new features, bigger discounts for inviting friends, and a fresh batch of engaging videos. Put simply, it is going to be sweet! We will send you an email today when we are ready to reveal our new site.

The last few months with you all have been a fun ride. Now we are ready to turn on the gas and send VidFall to the next level. Our developers have been working hard for the last few months putting VidFall 2.0 together for you.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of our company. We can’t wait to get your feedback.

Team VidFall

Refer Your Friends to Earn VidFall Rewards!

Do you have friends or family members that you know would enjoy VidFall? Well you can earn VidFall Rewards Points for referring them! You’ll receive 25,000 VidFall Rewards, and even better, the people you refer will also receive 25,000 VF Rewards. There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

Read below to learn how to invite friends using your unique referral code.

To refer your friends to VidFall, simply navigate to your Profile page, and then select My Referrals.

You’ll find your unique referral URL on this page. Make sure to copy and paste this URL into any email or message you send to your friends and family. Using your unique URL ensures that you receive referral credit when they sign up for VidFall.

To refer your friends, simply email your friends a friendly message, such as:

“Hey! I think you’ll really like this website called VidFall. You can get huge discounts on great products simply for watching video advertisements! If you join through my link, you’ll receive 25,000 Rewards points. These points can reduce prices even further! INSERT LINK HERE”

You can also use the pre-filled invite tool by clicking the blue plus sign button. This box looks like:

You can also refer friends by sharing your link on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. By sharing with these buttons, your referral link is automatically included.

After you refer people, you’ll be able to see who has created an account and whether they’ve made a purchase. Remember, you’ll get 25,000 VidFall Rewards points when your referee makes his or her first purchase (no minimum purchase price!), and your referee will get 25,000 points just for joining!

So… what would you discount with 1,000,000 VidFall points? A vacation, a BMW, or something else? Let us know in the comments!