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VidFall: Now the Premier Platform for Online Events

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Just before the New Year, VidFall re-launched as the “Premier Platform for Online Events,” but before I talk more about this shift, I want to thank you for taking time to read this blog post. This tells me you’re interested in the VidFall mission, the changes our platform has been undergoing, and our future direction.

My partner Joel and I, along with our small team, often get so wrapped up in daily operations and business development that we don’t take time to reflect on VidFall’s present. By far, the most valuable asset that we have built at VidFall this past year is our community of members, just like you, who want to see this company grow. We’re truly grateful for this.

It is with great thanks that I share with you a story about VidFall’s past, what’s led to our recent re-launch, and what we can all expect in early 2016.

Our Past

Advertisements are EverywhereWhen Joel and I launched VidFall nearly 18 months ago, we set out to change the way people engaged with advertisements for the better. On the day to day, we are bombarded with thousands of advertisements, and the vast majority of these advertisements have the goal of persuading us to open our wallets and purchase products or services.

Joel and I believed there was a better way to experience ads. A way that added more value to consumers, but also to the advertisers.

This is when the concept of the “Crowd Deal” was born. Though we didn’t officially begin calling our deals “Crowd Deals” until relatively recently, the concept has been consistent since VidFall’s inception.

In a Crowd Deal, you engage with advertisements to reduce prices on products. Ad revenue from the advertiser is used to generate a discount, and the more consumers watching advertisements, the greater the discount that builds until one person buys the item. Over the past 18 months, we’ve held nearly 1,000 Crowd Deals and our thousands of community members have saved tens of thousands of dollars on products.

Our Present

Our mission to change the way we engage with advertisements has been successful, but Joel and I realized we were on to something much bigger than the Crowd Deal. We were on to something that added huge value to consumers in the form of an engaging, informative experience that still kept true to the “Crowd Deal” concept, but also added value to our brand partners. We realized that our events were taking the “advertisement” out of advertising and generating a more authentic form of consumer engagement.

Live Events Section VidFall ImageThis realization inspired our vision to transition VidFall into the “Premier Platform for Online Events,” which ultimately gave life to Live & Trending as we know them today. Feedback from our community has been overwhelmingly positive, and brands are extremely excited to be part of this new vision. This is extremely important.

To build out Live & Trending, we found that there are additional key players involved. These players are called Creators, and they’re YouTube and Twitch personalities who love creating videos, entertaining and educating audiences, and following their passions.

We discovered that by partnering with Creators to host our events through live-stream video, our events were taken to the “next level.” This next level is truly a fun and entertaining experience for our VidFall community members, while helping Creators grow their brand and audience, and adding real, tangible value to our brand partners. This win/win/win formula is key to turning VidFall into a vibrant and sustainable business.

Our Future

VidFall's Mobile AppWe recently released Version 1 of the “Live & Trending” vision and we’re excited to be working towards this vision 100%. Live Events are now at the core of our strategy and this recent launch is only the beginning. Our goal is to hold more events and limit event downtime, and we are ramping up partnership outreach and making the modifications necessary to achieve this as quickly as possible.

Perhaps most exciting, in the next 3 months we’ll be releasing the VidFall mobile app. This app will make it easier than ever to attend events, win deals & discounts, and engage with brands and Creators on the go. We’ll be rolling out first on iOS, with an Android version following soon after.

You’ve likely noticed changes to our site design and functionality, and while the majority of feedback has been positive, we’ve received critical feedback regarding functionality that once existed but is now missing, such as Upcoming Items during events. I’m happy to share that much this functionality will be restored in the near future (and probably has already been by the time you’re reading this). I’m also excited to share that our Rewards system is here to stay and there will be many opportunities to use Rewards during events and in a more robust Contests section coming soon.

The Video Games Channel, now re-branded as Everything Gaming, will remain in existence until further notice. You can also expect touchups to our Profile sections, Live Events, Upcoming and Post Event pages, and the Trending section very soon, as well as full profile pages for community members and Creators.

Regarding Trending, we launched our beta to a select group of users about one month ago, and we have been ecstatic at the community response.

Trending image for blog

Trending is designed to surface the latest videos from our Creators and Curators (Curators are VidFall community members who have demonstrated high taste in video content curation) from all across the internet. Our plan is to open Trending up to more Creators and Curators, giving more people the opportunity to share and curate their content. The entire VidFall community has the opportunity to vote and comment on video submissions.

With the new year now here, I’m honored to have been a part of VidFall’s past, and I’m excited to be a part of our future. I’m also thankful that you and the VidFall community have come along for this ride. 2016 will be an incredible year.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me personally at steve – at –

Warm regards,
Steve Messa
COO – VidFall

Introducing Trending: The Latest Trending Videos Created & Curated by the VidFall Community

VidFall Trending Feature

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new feature on VidFall called Trending. On Trending, our thousands of daily members will now be able to find the latest trending videos from the gaming, tech, and movies spaces, all created and curated by the VidFall community.

But before I go into more detail, I want to take a moment to thank you.

Over the past six months, our community has grown by 800% into a powerful force that generates authentic excitement for real-time, online events. Together, we’ve held engaging events for product launches, video game releases, popular collectables, and many more.

During these six months, VidFall has been changing. This past April, while VidFallers were engaging in our first-ever live event for the release of Apple Watch, the VidFall team was working on a bigger vision. This was a vision becoming the premier place for video content and creating a valuable video experience for all the players in the video space.

These players are the creators of those videos, the curators of those videos, and the watchers of those videos.

These three players are vital to our Trending feature, and are at the core of VidFall’s mission. The Internet deserves a better place to rally around video content of all kinds, and because of you, we’re well on our way to building this place. So thank you!

Now on to Trending:

Trending itself is pretty simple:

  • First, it’s a place for video creators to post their latest video creations and grow their audiences.
  • Second, it’s a place for video curators to prove how “in the know” they are regarding new game or movie trailers, and other fresh, popular video content.
  • And third, it’s a place for our video watchers to stay up to date on the freshest trending videos and find/follow new creators and curators they especially enjoy.

All VidFall members have the ability to Up Vote videos posted by creators and curators, and comment on the videos. Creators and Curators are invited into the community by existing members. For more information on becoming a VidFall creator or curator, check out our FAQ.

Along with this, you’ll also have the ability to “follow” specific creators and curators, so you’ll be notified when they post a new video to Trending, or when a creator hosts a Live Event.

Profile Follow VidFall

Speaking of Live, you’ll also notice that, in addition to Trending, the real-time events that you already know and love are now under what’s called “Live”. Our Live section is undergoing big improvements as well, and we’re excited to share more information on that very soon.

As for some other things coming soon… Can you say…. mobile? :)

If you have any questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me personally – Steve at

In the meantime, keep Fallin’!

Steve Messa
COO, VidFall

Vidfall Partner Highlight: Vulcun

Introducing our newest partnership with Vulcun!

Vulcun is a fantasy and media platform for League of Legends, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Defense of the Ancients 2, Call of Duty, and Hearthstone. They offer one of the largest prize pools in the industry with both free and paid leagues. Vulcun formerly owned and ran Team Vulcun, a leading League of Legends eSports team in 2013 representing the United States at the World Championships and second place winner in S3 NA LCS Summer split.

Their motto is “If something is worth doing, it should be done well” and apply that to everything they do from picking best-in-class players to employees.

Vulcun is passionate about eSports and is constantly putting in energy to bring their customers the largest prize pool in the history of eSports fantasy.

You can win real money, and it is legal!They are doing the best job they can at running Vulcun perfectly so that everyone can enjoy paid fantasy games without worry.

In the Vulcun tradition: pick strong & prosper!

partnership vulcun

VidFall Partner Highlight: Gemr

Gemr is a community for those who collect, and are passionate about their items. Gemr is free to join and once you are logged on you are able to buy, sell, trade, and showcase your collection on your profile.

On Gemr there is no limit to how much you can show. Varieties range from comic books to action figures, and antiques to new age items.

Through Gemr you can find out the history behind items and what their worth is, or you can simply share the stories behind your own items.

There are endless benefits to being involved on Gemr. The community within the website is helpful and interactive. There are clubs you can join that allow you to connect with like-minded people. Have valuable conversations with those who share similar interests, and share your experiences in a setting where you can rely on the information you are receiving.You can also follow museums through the platform and explore what they have to offer and showcase. It’s almost like visiting the location yourself, but from the comfort of your home!

Gemr is a very interactive platform with multiple channels to choose from. Through Gemr you are able to search through categories such as items, what others are searching for, whats for sale, other users collections, and helping users identify their items. You can communicate through comments and chats about items you are looking for, making deals with other users, or simply help other who are looking for information on their items.

If you are a user with Gemr already, please comment below with your username so we can connect with you!

If you have not already made an account, use this link and get started!

We are so glad to be partnered with Gemr and look forward to what the future holds for us!




VidFall Wins 2015 MYPN NH Start Up Challenge

VidFall took home the crown at this years 2015 MYPN NH Start Up Challenge. The MYPN New Hampshire Startup Challenge is a statewide business plan competition created in 2008 to connect entrepreneurs and social innovators with seed capital and key services to help them on their path toward the creation of value, sustainable growth, and profitability. As the 2015 winner, VidFall will receive a total of $55,000 of cash & in-kind services.

The finals came after months of preparation and preliminary pitch rounds. Competition was fierce and on finals day the judges emphasized how difficult it was to arrive at a winner. Ideas ranged from VidFall’s social platform for shopping entertainment all the way to TestNotice’s mission to help better structure drug test alerts. While all of the finalist’s business plans demonstrated tremendous potential, VidFall left the judges feeling like online shopping was about to take a turn for the awesome thanks to our success!

For Co-Founder Steve Messa, a New Hampshire native, this was a huge win. “I have a lot to be thankful for in the great state of New Hampshire”, said Steve. “We are so appreciative and honored to be the winner of a New Hampshire competition with such strong startups. We are going to use this support for continued growth; keeping up the momentum and building you the best shopping experience possible.”

To everyone in the VidFall community, thank you for your support. We would not be standing where we are today if it wasn’t for our dedicated fans and we look forward to making VidFall even better in the coming months!

Featured Deal: Amiibox 4-Pack for $15.99

Hey everyone!

For the next 48 hours, we have a great deal on professional display boxes for your Amiibo collection. We’ve got a 4-pack of these boxes for just $15.99, and shipping is free!

Amiibox 4-Pack



Amiibox sells exclusive perfect fit display boxes designed especially for Amiibo figures! Made from high quality Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Amiibox are stackable and save space when displaying on shelves.

We know how much effort goes into purchasing rare Amiibo’s for your collection so it only makes sense that you keep them safe once you have them.

Got a question about Amiibox? Shoot us a note at and we’ll help right away!

All the best,
Team VF

An Apple Watch Crowd Deal is Coming to VidFall!

What if there was a place you could go to learn everything you wanted to know about the Apple Watch and then grab a really great deal on Apple Watch at the same time?

And better, what if this place was in your own home, on your computer?

This is the vision for VidFall’s Crowd Deal, and this vision is coming to life on April 23rd during our Apple Watch Featured Event. You can sign up for the event right now so you’re notified when the deal goes live.

During the event, we’ll be featuring video content detailing the new features of the Apple Watch, giving you an inside glimpse at this new technology from right inside your home. Moreover, we’ll have a technical expert on hand via a chat feature right inside the event, so if you have a question, we’ll have an answer.

The Apple Watch Crowd Deal will work like other VidFall deals, only this deal will have 3 Apple Watches available. The discount on the Apple Watches will increase until all 3 watches are sold. Once they sell, the event ends, and 3 shoppers go home with an extremely discounted Apple Watch. Apple Watches will be shipped to winners directly from the Apple Store once inventory becomes available.

Keep in mind, if enough people share the Apple Watch page after they sign up, we will add an additional Apple Watch to the event, so sign up now and share away!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Good luck!

VidFall Helps NH Non-Profit DreamCatchers NH

Throughout this week, VidFall is featuring artwork painted by children with special needs, like the example below, on our NH Channel.


All proceeds will go directly to DreamCatchers NH – a non-profit organization dedicated to giving individuals with special needs new, exciting and inspiring experiences.

Each deal also includes a ticket to the DreamCatchers NH “Art and more” Auction Benefit, which takes place this Thursday, April 9th, at the NH Institute of Art.

Our first piece of art is live now and celebrates opening day for the Red Sox! Please help us support this organization and spread the word by forwarding this email to a friend.

A sincere thank you for your support!

Norman from NH is first to earn 1 Million VF Rewards Points!

1 Million VF Rewards Points

Joel (VidFall CEO) and Norman celebrate the 1 million reward milestone by eating a special VF Rewards cupcake!

This past Thursday evening, Joel Robinson (VidFall CEO) and I visited Norman of NH to congratulate him on his great accomplishment – being the first VidFall shopper to earn 1 million VF Rewards Points!

More importantly, we surprised him with a box of special VidFall Rewards cupcakes, complete with a VF Reward coin on top (graciously provided by Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester NH). Needless to say, Norman (and especially his great grandchildren) were very excited about this!

A closer look at the VF Rewards cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

A closer look at the VF Rewards cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

Norman was nice enough to share a cupcake with both Joel and I, likely because he’s gotten a number of great deals on VidFall. Many of these deals are from the NH Channel (which features products and gift cards from New Hampshire area businesses), but also from other channels like Fitness & Fashion.

When asked about the VidFall deal he won on a Fitbit, Norman responded “I checked the prices on all the usual retail sites and I saw the deal was going for over $20 off what Amazon had it for,” said Norman. “If you can beat Amazon, then I know it’s the best deal out there!”

Thank you for the feedback Norman, and thank you for being a great VidFall deal hunter!

Good luck on winning your next big Crowd Deal!

Earn VF Rewards while you sleep by Recruiting Friends!

VidFall is excited to announce a new “Recruit Friends” feature that allows you to earn VF Rewards all the time – even when you sleep – based on the engagement of your recruits!

This means that you’ll now earn VF Rewards whenever your recruit earns rewards by watching videos, making their first purchase, doing the Daily Bonus or taking a survey.

Here’s everything you need to know about recruiting your friends.

How do I recruit friends?

To recruit your friends, use our recruiting tool located on the Recruit Friends tab on your Rewards page.


You can recruit friends by entering their email and sending our pre-written message, or you can invite them by Facebook using our Invite with Facebook tool. Both tools will include your unique referral URL to make sure you get credit for the recruit.

How do I earn rewards?

You you recruit friends, you’ll earn rewards each time that friend watches a video on VidFall, when they get their 1st purchase bonus, when they complete their Daily Bonus, and when they take one (or more) of our surveys. To begin, you’ll always earn 1% of your recruits’ earnings, but this percentage will increase each day in a row you complete the Daily Bonus.

How do I maximize my earnings?

To maximize your rewards earnings, it is essential to complete the Daily Bonus every day.

You’ll earn an additional percentage point from your recruits each day you do this (this is your Streak Number), but this will go back to 1% if you skip a day. Currently, the Daily Bonus is very simple, but we have plans to work closely with brands to create fun and interesting engagements in the Daily Bonus in the near future.

Happy recruiting!