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Featured Deal: Amiibox 4-Pack for $15.99

Hey everyone!

For the next 48 hours, we have a great deal on professional display boxes for your Amiibo collection. We’ve got a 4-pack of these boxes for just $15.99, and shipping is free!

Amiibox 4-Pack



Amiibox sells exclusive perfect fit display boxes designed especially for Amiibo figures! Made from high quality Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Amiibox are stackable and save space when displaying on shelves.

We know how much effort goes into purchasing rare Amiibo’s for your collection so it only makes sense that you keep them safe once you have them.

Got a question about Amiibox? Shoot us a note at and we’ll help right away!

All the best,
Team VF

Unleash The Beast; Vidfall’s Jurassic World Crowd Deal


This week marks one of summer’s most highly anticipated releases.  Jurassic World, the fourth installment to the already legendary Jurassic Park series, is set to hit theatres June 12th.  The genetically engineered Indominus Rex will wreck havoc on Isla Nublar alongside a star cast featuring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Since Jurassic Park 3’s failed release in 2001 that received many harsh criticisms, Jurassic Park fans have been deprived of dinosaur chaos and are hoping that Jurassic World will satisfy their appetite for blood-hungry dinosaurs.

Expected to be one of the biggest movie releases of the Summer, Vidfall definitely wanted to get in on all the buzz so we are unleashing our own Indominus Rex. Alongside horrifyingly awesome  Jurassic World content, we will be dropping some sweet deals on everything Jurassic. Movie passes from AMC, Fandango, and Regal will help you save on movie tickets and popcorn.

If you are a diehard fan and already have your movie tickets preordered, we have some great items going up including collectible dinosaurs and action figures, the Lego Jurassic World video game, and our very own Jurassic Box.

The Jurassic Box will be sold in a limited quantity and winners will receive a $15 Fandango Movie Ticket to see “Jurassic World” in theaters, a pre-order for the “Jurassic World” Blu-ray combo pack, and a Digital HD copy of “Jurassic Park”. With the Jurassic Box starting at a price of $29.99, it is up to you and the other Jurassic Park fans to see how far you will let the price fall.

Happy hunting!

Show your GoPro footage in our upcoming Crowd Deal!

GoPro Hero4 Crowd Deal

Want to show off your sweet GoPro video skills? Well now’s your chance!

During our June 16th GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Crowd Deal, we’ll be holding an exclusive GoPro HERO4 Crowd Deal featuring awesome videos submitted by the VidFall community!


To submit your video content, send us a YouTube video link to, with subject “GoPro Crowd Deal Submission.”

Videos must be less than 2 minutes long, be filmed on a GoPro, and be created/edited entirely by you. All videos must be submitted by June 12th at midnight ET and cannot have any profanity or explicit content.

During our event, we will also be giving away an awesome GoPro Hero Case, and you are going to want a ton of friends and family voting for you during the crowd deal. Be sure to invite them through the recruit manager, so that you can earn VF Rewards for every new user that signs up. The more people there supporting you, the greater your chance of winning.

Best of luck and feel free to email us or comment below with any questions.

An Apple Watch Crowd Deal is Coming to VidFall!

What if there was a place you could go to learn everything you wanted to know about the Apple Watch and then grab a really great deal on Apple Watch at the same time?

And better, what if this place was in your own home, on your computer?

This is the vision for VidFall’s Crowd Deal, and this vision is coming to life on April 23rd during our Apple Watch Featured Event. You can sign up for the event right now so you’re notified when the deal goes live.

During the event, we’ll be featuring video content detailing the new features of the Apple Watch, giving you an inside glimpse at this new technology from right inside your home. Moreover, we’ll have a technical expert on hand via a chat feature right inside the event, so if you have a question, we’ll have an answer.

The Apple Watch Crowd Deal will work like other VidFall deals, only this deal will have 3 Apple Watches available. The discount on the Apple Watches will increase until all 3 watches are sold. Once they sell, the event ends, and 3 shoppers go home with an extremely discounted Apple Watch. Apple Watches will be shipped to winners directly from the Apple Store once inventory becomes available.

Keep in mind, if enough people share the Apple Watch page after they sign up, we will add an additional Apple Watch to the event, so sign up now and share away!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Good luck!

Norman from NH is first to earn 1 Million VF Rewards Points!

1 Million VF Rewards Points

Joel (VidFall CEO) and Norman celebrate the 1 million reward milestone by eating a special VF Rewards cupcake!

This past Thursday evening, Joel Robinson (VidFall CEO) and I visited Norman of NH to congratulate him on his great accomplishment – being the first VidFall shopper to earn 1 million VF Rewards Points!

More importantly, we surprised him with a box of special VidFall Rewards cupcakes, complete with a VF Reward coin on top (graciously provided by Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester NH). Needless to say, Norman (and especially his great grandchildren) were very excited about this!

A closer look at the VF Rewards cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

A closer look at the VF Rewards cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

Norman was nice enough to share a cupcake with both Joel and I, likely because he’s gotten a number of great deals on VidFall. Many of these deals are from the NH Channel (which features products and gift cards from New Hampshire area businesses), but also from other channels like Fitness & Fashion.

When asked about the VidFall deal he won on a Fitbit, Norman responded “I checked the prices on all the usual retail sites and I saw the deal was going for over $20 off what Amazon had it for,” said Norman. “If you can beat Amazon, then I know it’s the best deal out there!”

Thank you for the feedback Norman, and thank you for being a great VidFall deal hunter!

Good luck on winning your next big Crowd Deal!

Earn VF Rewards while you sleep by Recruiting Friends!

VidFall is excited to announce a new “Recruit Friends” feature that allows you to earn VF Rewards all the time – even when you sleep – based on the engagement of your recruits!

This means that you’ll now earn VF Rewards whenever your recruit earns rewards by watching videos, making their first purchase, doing the Daily Bonus or taking a survey.

Here’s everything you need to know about recruiting your friends.

How do I recruit friends?

To recruit your friends, use our recruiting tool located on the Recruit Friends tab on your Rewards page.


You can recruit friends by entering their email and sending our pre-written message, or you can invite them by Facebook using our Invite with Facebook tool. Both tools will include your unique referral URL to make sure you get credit for the recruit.

How do I earn rewards?

You you recruit friends, you’ll earn rewards each time that friend watches a video on VidFall, when they get their 1st purchase bonus, when they complete their Daily Bonus, and when they take one (or more) of our surveys. To begin, you’ll always earn 1% of your recruits’ earnings, but this percentage will increase each day in a row you complete the Daily Bonus.

How do I maximize my earnings?

To maximize your rewards earnings, it is essential to complete the Daily Bonus every day.

You’ll earn an additional percentage point from your recruits each day you do this (this is your Streak Number), but this will go back to 1% if you skip a day. Currently, the Daily Bonus is very simple, but we have plans to work closely with brands to create fun and interesting engagements in the Daily Bonus in the near future.

Happy recruiting!

New Feature Alert: VidFall Contests!

Hello VidFallers, we have an awesome new feature to share with you. VidFall now has contests!

VidFall Contests are a great way to use your VF Rewards points to get gift codes and prizes from top brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more FOR FREE!

Here’s what you need to know to increase your chances of winning:

What are entries?

Each contest has a limited number of entries. Buying an entry gives you a chance to win a contest. The more entries you buy, the greater your chance of winning – in fact, you can buy out contests completely to ensure you win!

Here’s an example. If you buy 1 of the 100 entries available for in a contest, you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning. Therefore, if you buy all of the entries for a contest, you will be the only name in the raffle. So you are guaranteed to win that contest! This can be difficult for some of the bigger contests, but for the $1 and $5 codes, you can grab up all the entries if you are quick!

When do contests end?

Each contest ends on a date specified in the contests tab. Even if all of the entries are not purchased, the contest will close and a winner will be selected. Even if a user purchases all of the contest entries, he/she will not be notified until the winner selection date.

How do I know if I won?

When the contest ends, we will immediately send an email to the winner. He/She will have 5 days to respond and notify us that they would like to accept the prize. If the winner does not respond within 5 days, we must disqualify the winner. Please check your email every few days after you enter a contest. We’d hate to see you lose out on prizes you earned!

How do I earn more points?

  • There are a bunch of ways you can earn VF rewards to enter contests. For instance,
  • Watch videos (1 to 5 VF Rewards per video)
  • Invite friends (50,000 VF Rewards when they make their first purchase)
  • Set up express checkout (5000 VF Rewards).

The more points you have, the greater your ability to influence the result of the contest. In order to choose winners, we use a random number generator based on the number of entries you placed in the contest. By entering multiple entries, you will greatly increase your chances of winning. For more information, check out the official contests rules here.

Thank you for being a member of the VidFall community, and feel free to comment below with any questions.

Best of luck.

3 Simple Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, which means taking your special someone out on a date or a night on the town. While it’s lovely to spend an evening celebrating your love (or the fact that you have a date…yay!), it can also be a drag on your wallet. Fear not! Our crew of Vidfallers has you covered with some great date ideas that will help make lasting memories, without hurting your credit card. Continue reading