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Brand to Watch: MainFrame Clothing

At VidFall, we are startup people through and through. We have a passion for bringing new ideas to market, and we love nothing more than helping other entrepreneurs get their start. On Friday, we we were given the unique opportunity to help promote a brand that is going to change the way thousands of gamers across the world identify themselves within the gaming community., founded by Josh Chavez, was inspired by gaming culture, music and art. Mainframe was created by gamers for gamers. Founded in 2013, the founders at Mainframe saw an opportunity to bring a lifestyle brand to a community that they have loved and been apart of all of their lives. The team comes from lifestyle companies the likes of Stance Socks and Skullcandy headphones. The company is excited to bring our brand to video gamers worldwide. Mainframe has spawned. Join the movement.

In case you missed it on Friday night, VidFall Partner GeekChic, helped launch the new brand by hosting a huge party for the brand on the MainFrame VidFall Live Event Channel. The VidFall community rallied together to support the brand, purchasing tons of new merchandise at an awesome discount and having one-on-one interaction with MainFrame co-founder, Chandler. Take a quick peak at some of the dope apparel that was sold during the live video event!

FPS Series Snapback – $23.99

My favorite part about the MainFrame brand, is that they are more than just gaming, which we can really identify with at VidFall. So often, people think we are just a gaming site, when in fact, we enjoy everything from music, aviation, we work with climate change organizations, host events for travel companies, and have aspirations to move into supporting emerging artists. This increased depth, seen at Mainframe is really refreshing and something that makes us excited about the future of the brand.

Status of Non-Limitations Mens T-Shirt $ 24.99

If you weren’t able to make the event, be sure to go directly to and see for yourself what the brand is all about. Also they have an incredible Instagram page. So even if you don’t decide to pick up some new swag right now, be sure to find them on IG for continued updates on their progress and new clothing releases.

Word is bond!


Community Post: Clint (Denver, CO) – St. Baldrick’s Foundation

What up Vidfallers!?

Hope you are all doing well and loving life!

I would like to welcome you to the first ever Vidfall Community Blog Post!  A little backstory about this…

Some time ago, some Vidfallers were chatting in the gaming event (or channel) page (as we often do), and it came to light that the chat might not be the only method of communication for the community as different users are available at different times.  Talking with users like StuffGamer, the idea of utilizing the blog was mentioned.  Well, a few weeks later, our fearless Vidfall leader (Joel) was in Colorado for the ACE Get Loud Challenge Streaming Event, and we were able to hang out some afterwards.  We had a blast roaming around Boulder (Colorado) with Paul and Kai from the stream, but of course, we had to talk some business too.  Among other topics and ideas shared/discussed was the use of the blog by the community to share what is going on within and outside of Vidfall!  With that said, and since this is a COMMUNITY BLOG, there needs to be a community posting!  If you have interest, shoot an email to Mr. Business himself @ (Saberpilot, looking at you for a wedding post, or Stephen B. with cooking recipes…)!  Don’t worry though, I plan on posting quite a bit.

With that said, I wanted to share some thoughts about my past weekend.  As I hope you all know, I shaved my head to show my solidary with and raise money for childhood cancer survivors and fighters, with the funds raised going to research via the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

  • This is the second year in a row I’ve done this.  And I’ve done this at multiple locations.  I have to say that both these locations did everything they could to keep things festive!  Silent auctions, face painting, bagpipe players, Irish dancers, dunk tanks, food and drink specials, and, of course, the stage where heads are being shaved with support from friends, family, well wishers, and supporters make these events fun and worth staying the whole time and participate. I really appreciate these businesses putting forth the effort for the cause.
  • It’s not all happy news though.  Both years/places have had multiple stories speaking about how children have to deal with the devil known as cancer.  Many of the stories end on a high note with the cancer being defeated, but not all.  Some of the stories come from the kids themselves (and always wow me because they are very well spoken), and that really makes it seem real.  I hope that none of you ever know a child (or even a person) with cancer, but if and when you do, I hope you support them any and every way that you can (as I know you will).
  • The participants are a blast!  They know why they are there and they keep the energy going.  My favorites are the kids who always seem to do it in a group.  There might not be many women, but there are some for sure, and in our society, their sacrifice means even more (especially since many are capable of donating their hair based on length and treatment).
  • Special thank you to Vidfall users “Super Beard” Stephen B and “Saint” Kellan for their very generous donations!
  • As for the no hair thing itself… I really think you all need to try this once, even the women.  It’s amazing how much heat escapes from your head when you don’t have hair.  Also fun to feel things you never think of, like hot shower water or a cool breeze… Plus, it’s fun to rub and have rubbed… Growing back isn’t the most fashionable, but you can make it work if I can  (and I do).  You might decide it’s worth keeping too…
  • If you want to see the action live from this year, make sure to check out trending, there is a video there:
  • And finally, if you are interested in learning more about St Baldrick’s, what they do, how to get involved as a participant and/or volunteer, or to donate, check out my fundraising page @

So there you go.  The First Vidfall Community Blog Post!  One of many I hope, and not just by me!   Thanks for checking this out!


P.S. Oh yeah!  Shameless plug: Make sure to check out my streaming on Vidfall every Tuesday night @ 8:30 EST/5:30 PST (or is it specific time?)!

Vidfall Partner Highlight: Vulcun

Introducing our newest partnership with Vulcun!

Vulcun is a fantasy and media platform for League of Legends, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Defense of the Ancients 2, Call of Duty, and Hearthstone. They offer one of the largest prize pools in the industry with both free and paid leagues. Vulcun formerly owned and ran Team Vulcun, a leading League of Legends eSports team in 2013 representing the United States at the World Championships and second place winner in S3 NA LCS Summer split.

Their motto is “If something is worth doing, it should be done well” and apply that to everything they do from picking best-in-class players to employees.

Vulcun is passionate about eSports and is constantly putting in energy to bring their customers the largest prize pool in the history of eSports fantasy.

You can win real money, and it is legal!They are doing the best job they can at running Vulcun perfectly so that everyone can enjoy paid fantasy games without worry.

In the Vulcun tradition: pick strong & prosper!

partnership vulcun

VidFall Partner Highlight: Gemr

Gemr is a community for those who collect, and are passionate about their items. Gemr is free to join and once you are logged on you are able to buy, sell, trade, and showcase your collection on your profile.

On Gemr there is no limit to how much you can show. Varieties range from comic books to action figures, and antiques to new age items.

Through Gemr you can find out the history behind items and what their worth is, or you can simply share the stories behind your own items.

There are endless benefits to being involved on Gemr. The community within the website is helpful and interactive. There are clubs you can join that allow you to connect with like-minded people. Have valuable conversations with those who share similar interests, and share your experiences in a setting where you can rely on the information you are receiving.You can also follow museums through the platform and explore what they have to offer and showcase. It’s almost like visiting the location yourself, but from the comfort of your home!

Gemr is a very interactive platform with multiple channels to choose from. Through Gemr you are able to search through categories such as items, what others are searching for, whats for sale, other users collections, and helping users identify their items. You can communicate through comments and chats about items you are looking for, making deals with other users, or simply help other who are looking for information on their items.

If you are a user with Gemr already, please comment below with your username so we can connect with you!

If you have not already made an account, use this link and get started!

We are so glad to be partnered with Gemr and look forward to what the future holds for us!




New Twitch Partners

We are proud to introduce one of our new Twitch partners Indie! Indie is a Content Creator from Oregon that is live seven days a week! As a streamer, Indie enjoys hosting a wide variety of video games that he plays on his PC. You can find Indie on Twitch @ Welcome to the VidFall team Indie!


We are proud to introduce our new Twitch partner Kristina! Kristina is a 26 year old Twitch streamer from Southern California who streams primarily on weekends. Her favorite games include Destiny, GTA V and CoD: AW, all of which she plays on the console. You can find Kristina on Twitch @ Welcome to the VidFall team Kristina!


We are proud to introduce our new Twitch partner Ashley! Ashley is a 24 year old Twitch streamer from Nebraska who streams on a daily basis. She enjoys playing on a wide variety of consoles, from Xbox One to even a Super Nintendo System. You can find Ashley on Twitch @ Welcome to the VidFall team Ashley!


Tim Alumbaugh

Tim Alumbaugh and his daughter discovered VidFall in an attempt to collect Funko Pop!’s. He saw an ad for us on Facebook and decided to give it a shot. He would love to see more sports apparel on our site. He suggest participating in the chats during deals to create more of a community within the site. He also suggest creating a relationship with Joel or Steve, the guys in charge. It will really pay off when you’re in a pinch. Unfortunately Tim has yet to buy an item from our site, but he has come close to snagging some good deals. He says VidFall is great for him and his daughter, it has everything they are interested in, from the “girly” things like My Little Pony to the “geeky” things like video games.image1

Clint Crockett

Clint Crockett is out newest VidFaller of the week. He discovered us on Twitter. He would love to see more videos for entertainment. He loves the movie trailers, and would love to see more, maybe even clips form popular TV shows. His advice for new VidFallers is to always get the daily bonus. There is no reason to not watch 10 videos and pass up on increasing “my rewards” if it means adding to your daily streak. Also, before bidding on something look into what past users have paid for the item. It will give you a better reference of when to buy. Also don’t cash in your rewards during crowd deals, you usually just end up losing them. Lastly, if there is a chat available for the channel or the crowd deal speak up! There is some fun trivia and always great conversation. His best deal used to be getting four Amiiboxes for a dollar each, but on the night of the 12th he got a $13.95 Grandbury Gift code for $0.51!


PHL Collective Company Highlight

VidFall community, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our favorite new companies on VidFall: PHL Collective. Founded in November of 2013 by Nick Madonna, PHL Collective is an indie game studio based in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.  Around ten years ago Nick and Co. started making games for much larger companies, but eventually knew they wanted to start their own company. Even though the company is only in its second year, they have already had some awesome deals, even one with Cartoon Network. The company has a fun vibe to it that makes working feel like playing. They actually play Super Smash Bros every day, and it can turn into quite the competition. The entire team of seven are graduates from Philadelphia University. One day they actually all took a day trip to Toronto in an RV! With the fun times at work and their obsession with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, work is never a tough time to get through.

Nick’s passion for video games lead to this awesome company and we are so excited about it. Their most popular product is ClusterPuck 99. It is an eight payer local multiplayer game for Xbox One and Steam. Besides being on our site, it has gotten a lot of recognition and won a lot of awards. Plus it lets them travel all over the US and

Why We Love My Little Pony

1) They’re adorable.  And not just cute, they are the fluffiest and most irresistible thing you will ever see.  Apparently this applies to everyone, male or female, age newborn and up.

2) Since their start in 1983 they have only grown more popular.  Just like a good cheese, My Little Pony has only gotten better since their origin.

3) They have their own TV show.  Who doesn’t want their own show?

4) They teach us learning experiences.  This more makes them more lovable for parents with young children, but everyone has more to learn.

5) Their hair is goals.  I would do anything for those long, luscious locks.My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-256752_1280_1024